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The PDC is the  first Soccer facility on the west coast to house Elite Skills Arena’s. The interactive 360 degree passing arena is a high intensity training environment that allows players to learn and develop their passing, vision and awareness.

The demands of Soccer have steadily increased in the modern era, requiring greater degrees of fitness, accuracy and in turn a transcendence to ‘possession’ football. The Arenas provide players with an opportunity to develop these new increased dependable skills in a fun, safe and stimulating environment.

Repetition. Accelerate. Performance

The Elite Skills Arenas can be used as an individual, with a group of friends or for team training. Whether you are new to the game, looking to develop your performance or simply just want to have fun, our Elite Skills Arenas are a world first in football fun and development!

Elite Skils Arena USA at SoCal Player Development Center

Precision Wall

The Precision Wall is a revolutionary design, bringing traditional soccer training methods into the future.

The Precision Wall, built around the ESA mantra of repetition, is the first of its kind in the world of soccer. Utilizing the state of the art vibration technology, the precision wall provides advanced performance training in both individual and team settings.

The wall is the exact dimensions of a full sized goal and provides a match realistic environment for players to perfect their attacking and defending. The wall allows both player and coach to monitor their performance using an innovative and accurate scoring system.

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