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A common theme for every youth soccer parent is paying for club soccer and individual training sessions. Our question to all parents is simple: How do you know your child is improving? What measurable attributes can be provided to show their actually improving?

This led us to view all other youth sports and see that every major American sport has measurable attributes. These attributes can be analyzed through the course of a season to see if an athlete is improving. Youth soccer in the United States does not. Introducing, SoCal Soccer Player Development Center (PDC). PDC was established in 2016 to bring measurable training to youth soccer.

We have partnered with cutting edge measurable training companies to provide the ultimate training experience for any youth soccer player of all ages and skill levels. To reach the highest level of a player’s potential, they must be challenged in four key areas: Technical, Tactical, Psychological, and Physical.   Every aspect of our facility will help develop these four components through specific training zones.

Our mission is to help develop elite soccer players by developing the four critical components.

Our Goal is to provide players of every level an elite environment to maximize their potential through measurable training.